ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Raising awareness. Providing guidance and support throughout the process.

System and Process Implementation

Analysing systems and processes, to minimise risk, drive efficiency and best practise.

Project Management

Providing project team direction, or taking ownership for project management.

Change Management

Enabling teams to understand, adopt and accept change within their day-to-day business.

Training (Design and Delivery)

Helping to identify training gaps, setting objectives and creating a training plan.

Team Performance and Productivity

Identifying opportunities to streamline operations, and minimise business risk.

Who We Are

At Tallentire Consultancy we help businesses introduce new systems and processes in order to drive efficiency and best practice, develop and strengthen operational performance and take advantage of industry advancements and new technology.

We are able to provide the support you need, whether you have recently formed your business, are an established organisation seeking to scale up or are preparing an exit strategy.

Our offer:

  • Implementation of systems and processes through effective project and change management, embedding new ways of working into your operation.
  • Adoption of quality management system principles to help create the framework for operational success, through the documentation of processes, procedures and responsibilities to create consistent and repeatable processes.
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Start Up

Establish Core Foundations

Starting as you mean to go on!

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Enable Scalability

Getting back to basics!

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Feasible & Attractive Prospect

The ‘system’ runs the business!

We apply our passion for people, systems and processes to help you create a step-change in your business and relieve the pressure and uncertainty of one-off projects. Our ultimate aim is to ease this process and help your team embrace the change.

About Us

With over 23 years’ experience in helping businesses achieve positive transformation of systems and processes, Tallentire Consultancy will support your business growth plans.

We have vast experience plus extensive knowledge and skills in the delivery of system and process change, and a genuine passion for the work we do. 

We strongly believe that the key to achieving great results is a well-designed strategy with achievable and realistic recommendations, addressing the common risks and challenges that arise with any business change. Common examples are that people are generally resistant to change, internal resources may struggle to manage current responsibilities in parallel, or there may be a lack of experienced personnel available to embed the new ways of working into the operation. 

As your consultant, we will help to minimise the business risk during your transformation by helping you create a positive culture, engaging your business partners and teams in the successful delivery of the change programme, and delivering successful project and change management techniques using our proven, personable approach.

What We Can Do For You

Tallentire Consultancy offers a broad range of services to our diverse client base and is committed to aiding business growth through the delivery of effective systems and processes.

Our service is bespoke to your unique requirements and business situation. All projects and challenges are met with positivity and managed with a methodical and process-orientated approach, delivering high standards, minimising business risk and all delivered at pace. 

Working in partnership with your business, and priding ourselves on being adaptable and approachable, we will ease the change process so that you can ultimately remain focused on growing your business. 

Whether you are a business owner requiring a new system or process to support business growth, scaling or an exit strategy, or a software developer attempting to implement a new system with a client, we can help you. We will support you to embed new ways of working into your operation through the adoption of quality management system principles and a combination of either system and process implementation, project management, change management or training design and delivery.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

The adoption of quality management system principles is a passion, as it can provide a strong foundation for effective project implementation and general business success – whether aspiring for ISO 9001:2015 UKAS accreditation or not!

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 UKAS accreditation can seem a daunting prospect, but it needn’t be. With the correct preparation, understanding and professional guidance, it can be achieved within 6 months (dependent on the scale of the operation.)

Whether your business is completely new to ISO 9001:2015 and you need guidance and support throughout the whole process, or if you are an established business looking for re-certification, we can offer you the expertise and guidance needed to succeed.

System and Process Implementation

We start by researching and analysing your business processes and systems, creating a visual workflow to make it easier to see and fix convoluted processes, nagging problems and business risks. 

Working with you to understand your commercial and quality requirements, we will make recommendations for improvements and assist with the implementation, enabling your business to reach its goals.

Project Management

Implementing a new system or process can be a challenge, whether due to a lack of internal resource, resistance to change within the team or the need to manage external providers.

We can help you manage this process by either overseeing the project to provide team direction, or by taking ownership of the management and execution, solving problems and troubleshooting any issues as and when they arise and ensuring that the project meets its deadlines and budget.

Change Management

Enabling your team to understand, adopt and accept change within their day-to-day working environment requires experienced leadership to guide, nurture and support them throughout the process. 

We are passionate about helping you create a positive and supportive culture and will work with your team to encourage them to embrace innovation, welcome change and appreciate the ultimate benefits that change will make to your business.

Training (Design and Delivery)

Your training and development needs will be unique to your business, which is why you need an individually tailored training plan to meet those needs.

In partnership with you, we will help to identify any gaps you may have within your technical training provision, setting training objectives and creating a customised plan to meet those objectives, all taking into account the experience and needs of your team and wider business.

Alongside the training plan and implementation, we can also put systems in place to record training attendance and competence.

Team Performance and Productivity

The key to a successful business is its ability and willingness to constantly improve and evolve the systems and processes within the organisation.

We will help you to ensure that your business processes are operating efficiently and will identify opportunities for you to streamline operations, reduce waste, minimise risk and improve customer service by increasing team performance and maximising productivity.

Our Values

Our values define who we are and our approach to business.


Act with generosity, treat everyone 
with respect.


Be honest and ethical, loyal and 


We have a genuine love for what we do.


Optimistic and open minded.
We value opportunities to learn.


Dependable - we do what we say we
will do, managing expectations as


Focused on overcoming challenges
and exploring new ways of working.


Whether you would like to enquire about one of our services or book a free consultation, here are the ways you can get in touch with us: